European AquaPonics Society (E.AP.S).

This page is aimed at erecting the
European AquaPonics Society (E.AP.S).

why this society?
in the first place to form a think tank to set up clear objectives and standards for this and similar AquaPonics Societies.

a start to the objectives:
-to promote AquaPonics in general
-to promote contact between practitioners
-to help newbies find their way
-to provide support in creating local and international AquaPonics networks

a start to the standards:
Adherence should be free of charge.

one problem here in Europe (and elsewhere) is language:
almost all info on AquaPonics is in English
many people do not master English enough to get access to this info

I am reasonably adequate at expressing myself on paper in Dutch, English and French. I understand and speak Spanish resonably well and German hesitantly, butI don't write in these languages.
So I call for volunteers to help me with translations.

certified organic
I am putting a lot of effort in trying to get AquaPonics in a stage where it can be certified as organic in Europe.
I have the feeling that I am making good progress here in Belgium:
I have already spoken to the right persons in government and certification agencies (one of these persons is very involved with world hunger), , managed to overcome their encrusted reticence at the mere idea of hydroponically produced food enough to explain AquaPonics to them (they didn't have a clue) ...
Anyway, I was promised AquaPonics will be on the agenda of their next meeting.,This is very important and urgent as the European standards for organic certification of Aquaculture are in the last stages of making.

It looks like all Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) will be banned from organic certification, much to the disappointment of the Aquaculture world as well as of organic food consumers, as this means we will not find much organic certified freshwater fish on our plates.

It looks like AquaPonics could actually be a solution as it produces no effluent, uses no chemicals, and is concerned about animal welfare (the major objections against RAS).
So maybe we can get some unexpected support.

I need help with all this,
preferably international help.

In this stage everybody in Europe now active in AquaPonics can be considered pioneers
Maybe some volunteers will support me.

I hope similar initiatives are started on other continents or/and in other countries.

These societies could then join into a World AquaPonics Society and have more impact.

On the condition of clear objectives, good standards and non-profit I intend to turn over this and other AquaPonics domains I own to the society once it is established.

If you believe in this initiative please spread the word.

All who are interested, please contact me at
non Europeans are of course also invited to contribute their ideas

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