Here you will find some interesting files.

Google Sketchup components
- a file with interesting Google Sketchup
AquaPonics components components to use in your drawings

Pump energy efficiency calculator
- a calculator that allows you to calculate your pump's energy efficiency
This calculator already contains many examples of popular pumps with their performance.

(if you send me a link that shows a chart or a table with performaces of a particular pump I will add it to the list)
this calculator will be reguularly updated with the new info.

Filter media calculator
- a calculator that allows you to calculate filter media volumes needed for efficient bio-filtration.

Plant surface calculator
- a calculator that allows you to find out the plant growing surface needed for aquaponics based on fish species, fish density, plant choice and daily feeding rates.
where data are available, fish species and plant choice will over time be integrated in this calculator.

... more to come (all suggestions and requests welcome !) ...

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