What fish can be bred in an Aquaponics system?

Even in the most simple AquaPonics system there seem to be almost no limits to what fish you can breed.

At least that is what is advocated and mostly true.

In reality different species may require very different circumstances.
Most fish species need their appropriate water quality and surroundings to feel "happy".

Animal welfare is most important to me and to most AquaPonics adepts.

Some fish need a lot of oxygen, others need less.
Some need warm water i.e. tilapia, other cold wate i.e. trout.
Some will stand high densities, others need hides and territory.

In practice, Tilapia (most commonly nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus) are the most popular fish chosen for home and commercial projects that are intended to raise edible fish. In Australia, "land of AquaPonics", native species are the most popular fish, including Silver Perch, Jade Perch, Sleepy Cod, Murray cod and Barramundi. Rainbow and brown trout while not native to Australia are also in use - along with fresh water crayfish such as yabby and redclaw.

I plan to raise carp (Carpa) and European perch (Perca Fluviatilis) along with freshwater crayfish (Astacus Leptodactylus). These fish like to swim around in schools, so fish density is not a real issue.

I might have a go at pike (Esox) and perchpike (Zander, Lucioperca lucioperca) too. These fish are higly predatory and territorial.
Designing fish tanks which incorporate many hides so these fish feel comfortable is a challenge.

It is my intention to post here a list of fish with their demands for best animal wellfare, which will reflect on growth results.

All help with this is appreciated:

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