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The name AquaPonics was invented by Ron Parkhurst of Hanalei Nursery.
Ron actually owns the trademark.

integrated aquaculture-agriculture:

First and foremost:
The Barrelponics forum:
Barrel growbeds in all it's variations are probably the most used AquaPonics technique world wide, invented and much promoted by Travis W. Hughey on his Barrelponics forum.
Travis W. Hughey is one of the pioneers of AquaPonics.
It is to Travis that I owe my introduction to AquaPonics.

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The AquaPonics List:
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Backyard AquaPonics forum:
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Crayfishmates forum:
Crusty, the forum moderator is an extremely helpful person.
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AquaPonics Manuals:
AquaPonics-Integration of Hydroponics with Aquaculture
The Barrel-ponics manual:

Professional AquaPonics produce:
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Certified organic AquaPonics:
Friendly AquaPonics
certified by Oregon Tilth:

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AquaPonics Systems:


Components for AquaPonics Systems:

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AquaPonics Systems engineering and design:
warning! there is an ever increasing number of companies on the Internet that pretend to knowledge and experience while they have very limited or even none.
Much at the expense of honest companies.
one advice: visit
their own facility (if they have none, forget about them) and some of their customers in their absence before you do business with them.

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