What plants can be grown in an AquaPonics system?

Most green leafy vegetables grow well in all AquaPonics systems.

Even in the most simple AquaPonics system there seem to be almost no limits to what plants you can grow.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans, carrots, potatoes, herbs,strawberries ...
All have been successfully grown in Aquaponics.

But there have been failures too.

In reality different plants require very different circumstances to feel "happy".

Some plants need constant moisture and lots of nutrients i.e. watercress and duckweed.

Other plants prefer more dry media and meager soil to thrive i.e. thyme.

That is why I advocate a better control on flood and drain frequency as this frequency decides about both soil dryness and nutrients availability.

See the "flood & drain" page in the menu for more info.

Although sometimes selected minerals or nutrients such as iron are added, the main source of nutrients for the plants is the fish waste.

Another intriguing factor, not enough discussed, is the growbed surface needed for each of these plants.

See the download section for a surface calculator.

Thanks to the constant apport of nutrients, plants need much less surface in an AquaPonics system than in traditional agriculture.

It is my intention to post here a list of plants with their moisture, nutrients and growbed surface demands.

All help with this is welcome:

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