The Lake

On the other side of Ghent, in a village called De Pinte, I own a 7 ha lake in which I intend to breed more fish, both in freedom and in netcages.

The lake was originally excavated when the nearby highway was constructed.
It has a sandy bottom and depths varying from 1 to 8 m.
For 35 years we have been waterskiing on it, which has ensured oxygen supply to the benefit of flora and fauna.

As a result of not actively fishing on the lake during all those years, the fish population has well established itself in the lake. If consists of carp, perch, pike, perchpike, tench, roach, rudd, some nice sized eels, big freshwater mussels, etc...
Thanks to several parts of the shores having been reinforced with concrete blocks and stone rubble, lots of hiding places are available to crayfish and other small fauna.
Natural food is abundant which makes catching the bigger fish quite a challenge.

There is a clubhouse with shower and toilets.

View the slideshows to see pictures of the lake and some of the fishes that dwell in it.
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